18 Hrs of Fruita records, by year, beginning in 2013 with the current course and the advent of chip timing

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Fruita_2021_Individuals | Fruita_2021_Overall

18 Hrs of Fruita records beginning in 2013 with the current course, the advent of chip timing and the current categories


Award Categories are as follows:

Top 3 in each category
3-4 Person-M/F/Coed/Coed Geezer
5-8 Person-Open & Coed Geezer


We will be following Mesa County Health and State of Colorado COVID protocols for the event. Please read these carefully as they will be adhered to for this yrs event in order to have a fun and safe event for all:

LIMITED NUMBER IN THE PARK IN 2021. ONLY TEAM MEMBERS will be allowed this yr. SOLOS may bring ONE support person being the only exception. This is in place for 2021 for everyone’s continued safety and to meet Mesa County Health COVID guidelines. We appreciate your cooperation.

Please wear face masks and social distance in the campground. Please do this not only for yourself but keep in mind other people’s welfare. And please be courteous of others.

Packet pickup will begin at 12 noon, Friday. One person from each team may come to the start/finish area and will be responsible for the entire team, so know the name of your team (t-shirt, Hydaway water bottle, bike number with chip). No shirts will be exchanged so please request your “best guess” sizing when registering your team members on imATHLETE as that is what will be available to you.

Face masks are required when you start, while waiting to start your lap and after you finish and if you have questions of the event or park staff . Your mask may be removed on the course when your racing.

No congregating in the START/FINISH area. We know you want to cheer on your team, however it is very important this yr to maintain social distancing when doing so.

There will be no awards ceremony. 1st-3rd place medals will be placed in envelopes with your team name which you will be able to retrieve at the conclusion of the results posting adjacent to the start/finish. Please have your team captain or only 1 member of your team come to the awards table to retrieve your awards.

No food will be provided after the event BUT we have substituted a Hydaway collapsible water bottle to every participant as a thank you gift which retails for $25. The founder/owner grew up in the Grand Junction area and wanted to help support this event so please take a look at his products at www.myhydaway.com.

We will provide Oskar Blues beer at the conclusion of the race. The beer will be served in cans.


Please have all team members read below the rules of the event (print a copy for your team as we will post a copy at the timing tent).

PLEASE NOTE: NO e-bikes are allowed!

  1. Racers may choose to race in any order and may change the order at any time.
  2. Racers may continue on for more than 1 lap but must check-in after each lap.
  3. Each team member must complete at least one lap or the team will be disqualified.
  4. Coed teams must have at least 1 member of the opposite sex.
  5. Racers must display their race number on their bike at all times.
  6. Teams are required to provide their own hydration system and lighting system throughout the event.
  7. No course support will be provided by the event.
  8. Water and food may be supplied to any racer, at the transition area, as long as the racer and support is off the course and does not interfere with the race. Interference with other racers will result in disqualification.
  9. Lapped racers must yield. Please be vocal as it’s the responsibility of the challenging racer to overtake safely. Racers being lapped must yield as soon as safely possible.
  10. Lights must be turned-on at 12 midnight.
  11. Short-cutting the course is not allowed. This will result in immediate disqualification.
  12. Quiet hours will be imposed from 2 am until 7 a.m. During this time, noise must be kept to a minimum.
  13. Order of finish is determined by number of laps, then by time.
  14. Once results are posted, teams will have 15 minutes to challenge results at which time they will become official. We recommend that you monitor your team’s progress and compare it with the “official scorers” as the event is progressing to avoid any problems at the conclusion.
  15. One person must be designated as the Captain of the team to ensure the team is registered correctly (information is correct), and to deal with event officials in the event of problems or concerns.
  16. The event director has final say in any ruling, including rulings made by staff/volunteers.

For safety reasons, the event reserves the right to cancel or change a portion of the course if inclement weather or dangerous conditions exist. Instructions will be given at that time as to how to proceed should this occur. If cancelled, final results will be based on completed laps at the time the event was called.


Finish Order is determined by number of laps, then time. The event will be chip timed-we encourage all teams to “test” their chips (chips are placed on the back of your bike number which is to be displayed on the handlebar) at the timing tent once you have checked in. The chips are disposable and do not require a deposit-you may discard after the event. Race numbers may not be cut, folded, altered or defaced in any way as that will destroy the chip on the back.

Teams/Solos must complete their race within the 18 hour time limit-any laps finished after the 18 hour time limit WILL NOT count toward the total. No laps may start after the official finishing hour. Teams and solos may choose to stop and rest at any time during the event but must re-enter where they originally exited. The team/solo (in its category) with the most laps is first. If teams have the same number of laps, the team that took less time within the above guidelines, wins. Solo’s and teams may finish their race at any time during the 18 Hrs and will be credited with laps completed to that point to determine placing but must ride at least 6 laps to qualify for awards.

All protests must be filed within 15 minutes of preliminary results posting. All signed, official results are FINAL. NO PROTESTS WILL BE ACCEPTED, NOR WILL RESULTS BE ADJUSTED ONLINE AFTER THE EVENT (ONCE THE AWARD CEREMONY CONCLUDES) SO REVIEW WHEN THEY ARE POSTED FOLLOWING THE FINISH OF THE EVENT. Athletes must be in attendance at the awards ceremony to receive their medals.


Awards will not be mailed. Results will be posted every 2 hours from the beginning of the race to noon on Saturday. From noon until 4 results will be posted every hour and from 4 until 6 results will be posted every 30 minutes.

You can check the results via a printout that will be near the timing tent or by going to runningguru.com and runners -> results and pictures.

You may go to www.timingconsortium.com to view the final results and they will also be available at www.18hrsoffruita.com. Minimum Age Requirement: All participants under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian sign the waiver. Additionally, all participants under the age of 18 must have a parent or legal guardian present on-site for the duration of the event. Participants must be a minimum of 14 years of age.

If you have questions, our staff will be happy to assist you at the event.

We hope this answers most of your questions if not, please feel free to email the park (camping questions) [email protected] or 18 Hrs of Fruita [email protected] with additional questions!